Chopin: Valses & ImpromptusChopin: Valses & Impromptus

Chopin: Valses & Impromptus

Marie-Andrée Ostiguy always wanted to make a recording of her favorite composer, Frédéric Chopin. For this 76 minute CD of romantic piano music, she chose some of his most beloved music, the popular VALSES & IMPROMPTUS. Sparkling and evocative, this collection of 17 waltzes and 4 impromptus includes the famous "Minute Waltz", the romantic "Les Adieux" as well as the magnificent "Fantaisie-Impromptu".

Performed by Marie-Andrée Ostiguy on the Yamaha CFIIIS piano and realized by Henri Brassard, this album was recorded in Québec, at the Saint-Hilaire church, on May 24 and 25, 2001. VALSES & IMPROMPTUS is great for soothing your soul and is perfect for a romantic evening. Just add your favorite person, candlelight, a nice bottle of wine and voilà!

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Track listing
01. Grande Valse Brillante in E Flat Major, Op. 18 en Mi bémol majeur 05:46 Buy
02. Grande Valse Brillante in A Flat Major, Op. 34 #1 en La bémol majeur 05:25 Buy
03. Grande Valse Brillante in A Minor, Op. 34 #2 en la mineur 05:23 Buy
04. Grande Valse Brillante in F Major, Op. 34 #3 en Fa majeur 02:26 Buy
05. Grande Valse in A Flat Major, Op. 42 en La bémol majeur 04:12 Buy
06. Valse in D Flat Major - Minute, Op. 64 #1 en Ré bémol majeur 01:48 Buy
07. Valse in C Sharp Minor, Op. 64 #2 en do dièse mineur 03:30 Buy
08. Valse in A Flat Major, Op. 64 #3 en La bémol majeur 03:31 Buy
09. Valse in A Flat Major - L'adieu, Op. Posth 69 #1 en La bémol majeur 04:09 Buy
10. Valse in B Minor, Op. Posth 69 #2 en si mineur 03:20 Buy
11. Valse in G Flat Major, Op. Posth 70 #1 en Sol bémol majeur 01:57 Buy
12. Valse in F Minor, Op. Posth 70 #2 en fa mineur 03:00 Buy
13. Valse in D Flat Major, Op. Posth 70 #3 en Ré bémol majeur 02:44 Buy
14. Valse in E Minor, KK IVa #15 en mi mineur 03:06 Buy
15. Valse in E Major, KK IVa #12 en Mi majeur 02:21 Buy
16. Valse in A Flat Major, KK IVa #13 en La bémol majeur 02:03 Buy
17. Valse in A Minor, KK IVb #11 en la mineur 02:05 Buy
18. Impromptu #1 in A Flat Major, Op. 29 en La bémol majeur 04:34 Buy
19. Impromptu #2 in F Sharp Major, Op. 36 en Fa dièse majeur 05:15 Buy
20. Impromptu #3 in G Flat Major, Op. 51 en Sol bémol majeur 05:13 Buy
21. Fantaisie-Impromptu in C Sharp Minor, Op. 66 en do dièse mineur 04:56 Buy
Total 1:16:44